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Certain Facts Are Here To Grow Marijuana And Its Preparation

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Most of the plants are being used for medi9cal purposes. Several weed plants found on the road sides are really very rare and very valuable plants for its medicinal properties. These weed seeds are spreading through the world by various means are valued well. One of the plants which are still used for various psycho active and stress relaxation process in pharmacy. One of the best plants used for such properties are cannabis seeds which is also known as marijuana. The marijuana and its various preparations have much procedure which needs to be followed perfectly by anyone who like to plant it. There are many facts about the cannabis seeds which are still to be known worldwide.

  1. Marijuana is the medicinal plant and its scientific name is Cannabis sativa
  2. There are many varieties in marijuana in which Cannabis indica has more of medicinal compounds
  3. The marijuana plant has more than 483 compounds which has medicinal properties. They are very popular for its psychoactive compounds. Tetra hydrocannabinol or THC is very famous for its medicinal properties.
  4. It is being used for its medicinal properties from 3rd millennium BC all over the world. It has many side effects. Though it is used as the recreational and relaxation medicine for all, it is banned in most of the countries from 20th century.
  5. More than 4% of the population is using marijuana daily. It is about 22.5 million adults are using it every day.
  6. Cannabis indica has more concentration of CHC .
  7. The side effects include loss of short term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills and other social, metal and physical problems associated with the long exposure of marijuana
  8. Long term exposure also reveals the morphological changes in the brain
  9. Marijauana, Kief, hashish, Hash oil, tincture and many other infusions are prepared from cannabis.
  10. Now it is very much easy to order any varieties of weed seeds online.